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Best Brick Wall Builders and Brick Pavement Contractors


Flower Mound Stonework and Concrete Contractors is your best choice for brick work, brick repair or replacement, and brick masonry addition to your home or business. According to a recent survey of construction by the United States government census bureau, over half of all homes and structures in Texas and the mid-west have been built using brick and masonry of some kind. This not only speaks of the popularity of brick work design in Texas, but also of the increasing need of brick repairs and restoration.

What are Brick Bonds?

There are many types of brick work. Brick walls and brick paving each have its own design, installation and structural considerations. The different patterns in which bricks are laid is called a brick bond. The consistency of the brick shape gives the builder a uniform, repeating pattern. Knowing the how to create and use the right brick bonds can determine the strength of a brick structure. For example, interlocking each brick row in a woven pattern will provide more strength than just stacking bricks in a single file, and adding mortar to the bricks makes the construction even stronger and more durable.

Common Brick Wall Patterns

Brick wall patterns are determined by it being just for decorative purposes or for structural purposes. A brick veneer wall may adapt any kind of brick wall pattern in contrast to a brick load-bearing structural wall may require specific brick wall patterns. Here are some of the common brick wall patterns used in brick work construction:

A running bond is a classic one-over-two pattern. This is used for basic wall construction where bricks are laid with the long sides (stretcher) facing outward. These require minimum cutting and are the most cost effective. This brick bond pattern is great for outdoor patios. A common bond is similar to a running bond pattern, but this time, you will see bricks laid with their ends (header) facing outward interspersed between the bricks with long sides (stretcher). Because of this, you will end up with a thicker wall of brick and mortar. A flemish bond is a brick bond pattern where every layer consists of a header brick being centered between the stretcher brick above and below. These are great for patios, walkways and pavements too. A stack bond is the most simple brick pattern as it is laid out in a side by side fashion. These are best for walkways and landscape structures.

Common Brick Walkway and Brick Pavement Patterns


Walkways and pavements allow more flexibility in choosing decorative brick work bonds because they are supported by the material on which the bricks are laid, as compared to wall structures. At times, even wood and stone pieces can be incorporated in the paving bonds. Brick paving bonds commonly used are simple stack bonds, running bonds, weaved bonds, to more intricately designed herringbone bonds. These brick bonds are recommended for walkways and outdoor patios.

Our crew of professional masonry, stonework and brick specialists are able to assess and address any needs for new brick work builds, brick masonry repair or restoration. We work directly with our customers to not only design what is structurally safe for our customers’ home or business but also what is most feasible and affordable for each unique property.

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